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Wilmington University and OfficeMax Partner to Reduce Cardboard Waste

October 26, 2009

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 14th, OfficeMax will begin delivering orders to Wilmington University in blue reusable plastic bins. Wilmington University discards a large amount of cardboard waste, as do many other places of business. To help us with part of this problem, OfficeMax, our office supplies vendor, has agreed to begin packaging orders for our New Castle and Graduate Center locations in reusable containers.

This effort came about when The University of Delaware purchasing department, in an effort to do their part to decrease cardboard waste, managed to convince OfficeMax that a more sustainable alternative to the usual cardboard box delivery system was needed. Together they came up with the ‘blue bin’ solution. It has taken several years for OfficeMax to work out all the bugs. Changes ranging from driver re-training to some warehouse conveyer system modifications had to be made. Now that their new operation is in place, OfficeMax has agreed to expand the program to include Wilmington University and Princeton University.

Continuing efforts will be made to extend this delivery method to the New Jersey, Dover, AFB, Rehoboth and Georgetown sites.

This program is another way we at Wilmington University are showing our commitment to sustainable business practices. Please help make this a successful endeavor.

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