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University Recycling Locations

recycling bins

Locations of Cell Phone, Battery and CFL Recycling Towers:

  • New Castle Campus
    • Alumni Center – Lobby at main secretary’s office
    • DAC – 2nd floor by TV
    • Peoples Bldg. – Top floor near vending machines
    • Pratt Bldg.- Main Lobby near TV screens
  • Wilson Graduate Center
    • Student Lounge near ATM

Locations of Battery-Only Recyclers:

  • New Castle Campus
    • Administration Bldg. – 1st Floor kitchen area
    • DAC – 3rd floor receptionist desk
    • Peoples Bldg. – Library level, General Studies area by copier
  • Wilson Graduate Center
    • Front Desk

3-tier Recycling Bins

The University has placed 3-tier recycling bins at the New Castle Campus, Wilson Graduate Center, Dover Campus and Georgetown Campus for:

  • CFL Light Bulb Recycling Battery (any size)
  • Recycling Cell Phone Recycling

**To obtain a blue bin, or to find out more about recycling, please
contact Mark Paris**

Paper Recycling

Large Recycling bins are located in the following locations:

  • New Castle Campus
    • Pratt Student Center Vending Room
    • Alumni Center lobby
    • Administration Building,
    • Peoples Library Building 2nd Floor Student Lounge
    • DAC Room 109A
    • DAC North Stairwell
  • Wilson Graduate Center
    • Building 31 Near Main Lobby
    • Building 47 Near Faculty Lounge
  • Small Recycling Bins are located at most desks and offices throughout the facilities

Plastic Bottle Recycling

Recycling bins for plastic bottles are located:

  • Wilson Graduate Center:
    • Student Lounge & Lobby (31 and 47 Read’s Way)

**To obtain a blue bin, please contact Mark Paris.**

Toner Cartridge Recycling

All ink and toner cartridges are accepted by Wilmington University for recycling through DELL, even those from your home printer! Staff, faculty and adjunct faculty can send items to Chuck Beard via intercampus mail.

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